Variables in Reading excel files

Hello knime community people :slight_smile:
I need your help with my workflow

Now that I have a column in my output table in which each cell inside shows different date, I need a node to enable knime to read the file that has the same date as what is in the cell

Now I used a node to list all files as shown in the snapshots and do not know how can I proceed

Hello @randadarwish,

Maybe this example How to read all files in a folder with a loop will guide you in solving your question.


Its very clear, however can you help with the filter part: that I need knime when the cell shows 9-10-2020 to go and read the file name 9-10-2020 and so on?

Hi @randadarwish
first you should convert your date column into a string.
For filtering can try different ways.
One way is looping over your date records and apply a filter searching for the specific date in the filename. An other way is to extract the date of your filenames into a seperate column and join both tables using the date column as join criteria.




I’m a bit confused with your questions.
You mentioned you are experienced in using loops in KNIME.So I can only assume that you are searching for a suitable way to filter your list before handing it to the loop.

Maybe it would be helpfull if you could define in all details the workflow that you want to solve. That will avoid problems using wrong assumptions.

Adding examples of input data (how does a file list look liek) and the expected output (would file name do you want to extract and the respective files later to be read) will complete the perfect base to support you.

Just guessing again an approach for you: After reading the list of file names you may extract the filter part to a dedicated column as proposed by @morpheus. Then you could apply e.g a row filter to that column. That would give you a list of files (file names) which you can feed to your loop.


Thanks for helping!

Look I have a column called today’s date last reaction date, so I need knime to match those dates with the files dates in the folder as shown in the pic. So that once the date 10-10-2020 is matched with file with date 10-10-2020 it reads it automatically and get data needed

Pictures is showing everything, and still till now I am not clear how to do that or how to complete the workflow

It would be much appreciated if you helped by drafting the workflow to understand better please

Thanks alot in advance

What’s wrong with all the suggestions you’ve received previously?

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I am not clear how to work them yet, that’s why I am asking if it would be possible to draft the workflow as an example so I can understand

can you point me to the previous suggestions please? I am interested as well and like to give it a try.

@randadarwish OK, I set up a small workflow from the description working with dates. Maybe you could take a look and adapt it to your needs (will there always be exactly one file with one date in the filename


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