Variables type Long VS DB SQL Nodes


I already read this topic (Long variable not shown in "DB Query Reader" but String variable is shown) and hope that since then something has changed (I am using Knime 4.5.2 and cannot change version cause compatibility with the Server).

Long integer values are not recognize / list in DB nodes executing SQL code (db SQL executor in my case). I cannot convert the longinteger (a ‘yyyymmddhhmmss’) as the the number would be shattered (string to int = ?; long to int = different number)


Unfortunately, I really need all the 12 digits to perform the operation in the DB node.

Is there a solution in Knime ?

Many thanks

Hello again and apologize for trying to keep this topic alive, but it’s really super-important (a whole big workflow depend on it)…

Is there a solution with the version of Knime I’m using or it’s better to give up, accept the bug and look for an alternative solution ?

Many thanks

@Fra_S3k_knime would it be possible to tell us what you actually want to do? Load data into a database? Use Flow Variables in a SQL query? Mabye you could produce a
small workflow to show where things go wrong.

[EDIT: created an example to experiment with settings]

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