Version 3.1.2 glitches

Dear KNIMErs,

Is it just my new machine, or are others noticing the same? As of 3.1.2, I don't appear to get

  1. Java syntax highlighting
  2. Context-sensitive OK buttons when holding Ctrl+Shift

Also, the fuzzy search seems to slow down or even freeze the "search as you type" feature, so I'd like to have KNIME wait for an explicit "Enter" like back in 2.3 or so. Could you please remind me of the INI setting for this?

Many thanks

UPDATE: #2 seems to only affect the Java snippet node, which also (obviously) suffers from #1. Anything related to speeding up the related R snippet node & template (which is, by the way, not affects - and neither are the JS nodes).

Hi Marc:

If you find a pattern how to make this Ctrl-Enter shortcut not work let us know. We had a bug open but recently closed it as not-reproducible (tested on linux and windows). Is that only Java Snippet? It works for me. Note, there are two Java Snippet flavors -- only one of them has syntax highlighting.

The "slow" search in the node repository will be better in the summer release. That was a tricky one but we optimized the code to do as few repaints/searches as possible (the eclipse tree renderer isn't trimmed for performance).