Version 4.2 Variables not listed in Math Formula (Variable)

There appears to be a regression in Version 4.2 in that variables are no longer listed within the Math Formula (Variable) node. I’ve attached a workflow to demonstrate the problem.

Apologies if I am missing something, but I used to be able to make this work without having to think about it.

Variable test.knwf (1.1 KB)

Hi @DiaAzul -

Looks like your workflow is empty. Can you reupload? I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem in a quick check…


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Variable test.knwf (8.7 KB)

Apologies. Turns out you need to save the workflow before exporting it. Learnt something new :grin:

Perhaps KNIME needs to check the model has been saved before exporting it, or at least pop up a dialogue to confirm that the model is not saved and, therefore, the most recent change may not be exported.


It appears there aren’t any numeric flow variables being input to the Math Formula (Variable) node - only strings - so it doesn’t have anything to work with. If you use a String Manipulation (Variable) node, you can see the flowvars OK.

Did this work differently before?


Do you have numeric variable on your input? Other variable types will not on the list.

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@izaychik63 @ScottF

DOH! Thanks for that. It’s time for a holiday, the brain’s already left.


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