VersionCheckerBeanRemote is not found.


I would like to ask for your help regarding this issue with KNIME Server. We're able to install and configure KNIME successfully, but after an electriticy outage we needed to restart it and now the endusers cannot login into KNIME Webportal, because they got the following error message:

VersionCheckerBeanRemote is not found.

Here is a snipplet from the knime.webportal.log:

"HttpSSLworkthread-8080-3 jee.ServerContext - Cannot query version number com.knime.enterprise.api.VersionCheckerBeanRemote is not found
javax.Name.NameNotFoundException: VersionCheckerBeanRemote is not found."

The users login through Active Directory. I can confirm LDAP settings are ok, because they got "Login failed" error message if they mistyped their usernames/passwords.

Any ideas what can caused this?


Looks like the application didn't start correctly any more after the power outage. You can try to create to "touch /domains/ /applications/j2ee-apps/com.knime.enterprise_x.x/.reload" (see also page 30 in the installation manual). Or re-deploy the application.