Versioning / Version Control / Revision Control for BIRT Reports within KNIME: how do you do it?

How do you all revert to previous versions of your BIRT reports?

I have a finished KNIME workflow, and now I'm working on building the report associated with it. However, I would like to be able to revert back to previous versions of my BIRT report. I am doing this in case I make a mistake in my BIRT report that doesn't show up until much later.


Hi Joe,

I would propose to regularly save version of your workflows. I know others who use an SVN for versioning of workflows, which actually will work as well. You only need to make sure to restore all files of the workflow.

Best, Iris 

This thread shows a good starting point for using version control on workflows -

You may need to tweak the contents of the .gitignore file if you want to keep data in the versioned workflows


Steve, I came across your reply again. Thanks for the information; it seems very useful!

@christian.dietz - there is a broken link here - this thread - Server or git repository integration also refers to it. The correct new link is Using git (or another revision control system) for KNIME workflows - it’s a very useful reference post!

Thanks for letting us know. By broken you mean, that this link is pointing to the old forum rather than to the new one? Unfortunately, that’s nothing we can easily change. But I hope it’s OK as the information is still available, just at an external location.