Very small values errors


I had some problems displaying very small values i.e. 1e-11. In Table View node small numbers are always rendered equal to 0 by default, is it possible to change the default behaviour?

In scatter plots it’s really hard to set the ranges if numbers are small because the editor displays every number less than 1e-3 equal to zero so you never know exactly which are the booundary of the ranges.

When calculating correlations with the linear correlation node when I choose small-valued columns the note raised an error like:“Some column contain only one distict value: xxx”.

Bye the way if i row filter a table and after I render the values in a Table View with color bars, the ranges refer to the original unfiltered data. And also the Color Manager node does the same. Is this behaviour expected? I noticed that after the column filter node the Spec - Columns window refer to the original data, why?



Hi Giovanni,

As for the last problem with value ranges, the “Domain Calculator” node is your friend :slight_smile: We almost always keep the incoming domains (min, max, possible values) after data manipulation nodes so that you still can see the effect inside the original domain.


Thank you very much thor!