View Contents of Documents in Topic Extractor (Example Workflow)

Hi, I'm very new to KNIME and just getting started working through the example workflow: Topic Detection Based on Movie Reviews.

I've successfully run the workflow and gotten some results. Now I am interested in viewing exactly which documents were assigned which topics. When I right-click on the Topic Extractor (Parallel LDA) node, I am able to select "Document table with topics", but every document just appears as an empty string. 

In the earlier metanode step, there is a node converting Strings to Documents -- when I view the document output table from this node, the documents just look like the titles that were assigned, in this case using the Index column, for example "3617" is one document -- I believe the number filter, a later step in the metanode, is then convering those to empty strings. 

Is there a way to retain the number filtering while still being able to view the document IDs or contents later down the workflow? Ultimately, I'd like to be able to view the output table of the Topic Extractor and actually see each document represented, either as its text or as an ID that I can match up to the text.


Thank you for your help.


You have to use Document Viewer to be able to see the whole documents. The columns in the data only show the title but there's much more to a document in KNIME, as you will see.