View table content in WebPortal


Sorry for this silly question, but how can I display the content of a table in the web portal?



Hi Claire,

Good question! You can use the 'JavaScript Table View'. This has recently (with KNIME Analytics Platform 3.2 and Server 4.3) been updated and is now much more powerful. My guess is that you're using an older version of the KNIME Server so you'll have to wait for the upgrade for the new features, but the functionality is still available.

If you're using the JavaScript views they must be 'wrapped' in a Wrapped Metanode, and the layout for the page set. Full details are available in the KNIME WebPortal user guide (For server version 4.2 and Analytics Platform 3.1):



Hi Jon,

Thanks a lot for your help. You're right we are using an older version of the Knime Server so I'll have to wait a little bit. In the meantime, I'll copy the content of my table to a CVS/Excel file. Thanks for the link to the documentation.