Viewing results in WebPortal

Hi all!
I’m having some doubts about viewing results from workflows in the WebPortal.

Example: The workflow “Visual Analysis of Sales Data” from the Example workflows > Basic Examples does not produce any graphics when run on the WebPortal, why is it so? It only displays: Workflow completed successfully.

If I run the DataVisualization_AirlineDataset from the server Examples > WebPortal, the graphics are displayed and when I inspect the nodes used to display the graphics, I see that they use the same nodes as the “Visual Analysis of Sales Data”. What am I missing here? Is there some documentation on building workflows for the WebPortal?

Question 2: If I run the Airline example in the WebPortal, it produces results but if I execute it from the Analytics platform to run in the server and then go view the job it produced in the WebPortal it once again only displays: Workflow completed successfully. Shouldn’t it produce the same views as if run directly from the WebPortal? Why doesn’t it do that?

Thanks for your help.


the difference between these two workflows are the components (previously called ‘Wrapped Metanodes’), which are used to generate pages. For the documentation checkout the KNIME WebPortal User Guide:

Concerning your second question, there are two different modes of execution:

  1. ‘Wizard execution’ that allows users to change parameters on defined execution pages in WebPortal
  2. ‘normal execution’ where the workflow is executed without waiting for user interaction (KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Server REST API)

When you execute a workflow via KNIME Analytics Platform the second mode is used and there are no pages generated at all.



Oh okay, thank you so much! I blazed through so many documentation but somehow that one escaped me.

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