visible-row-count parameter not working for panellistbox

As seen in the attached screenshot, the visible-row-count parameter is not changing the size of the panellistbox (this is from an R Snippet node).  Does this work for others?

I am using 2.8.1 on Mountain Lion, with the latest (nightly) releases of the Community nodes.


the visible-row-count parameter is for the listbox element. To my knowledge the panellistbox element was added later to RGG, and I dont know if the visible-row-count parameter is working for panellistbox. The I will put it to our issue tracker, and I think this can be fixed at some point (please be patient).


Hi Martin,


Thanks.  I assumed this was something that had stopped working, as it's set in some of the MPI templates (e.g. R math / absolute values).


It's nothing terribly urgent.  Just a nice-to-have, as the default panel takes up a lot of GUI real estate (especially noticeable when you have more than 1 of them).


Thanks again,