Visualisation Component doesn't show all plots/charts


I have a workflow with a visualisation-component in the end. If I open up the component to have a look at the plots in it and see their Interactive View or Image Output, everything is perfectly fine. However, some of the View-Nodes (2x Line Plot (Plotly)) are not shown in the Interactive Component View, even though the Column Filter Widget boxes are being shown, but not the line plot which the filter is referring to. Also, the Scatter Plot in the same component has no problems being shown.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Lilly -

Would you be able to upload your workflow or component for us to have a look? Or is the data confidential?

I can’t upload the data here, I’m sorry. But it’s just 7 columns with data printed in a Line Plot… if I open the line plot in the visualisation component (not from the workflow but in the component) it works fine, so I guess the data is fine?


In the last version of Knime (4.2.0 july 13) I sometimes get errors with Line Plot (Plotly), it happens when the output from the previous node and that table contains a local datetime column. So what(!) you send to that line plot plotly node and what you have actually chosen to show may get you into trouble. The problem was partly found in earlier versions also (in my experience), i.e. if there was a datetime column. And apparently in the Line Plot (Plotly) you can’t even choose a datetime column to be used for x-values (or anything else - but haven’t tested).

Thanks for the help, but I only have Double Digit Columns, no date or time

I think we need more information. An example workflow would help a lot, even with dummy/temporary data. Any maybe some screenshots of what your component dialogs and resulting combined views like?

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