Visualization of results after "Item Set Finder (Borgelt)"

Hello, I’m new in Knime and I need some help!
I have applied the Apriori algorithm with Item Set Finder (Borgelt) and I have the below results after the rank node:

I would like to visualize the results

  • for itemSet per itemSetSupport or alternatively
  • for itemSet and ranking

Is there any idea which node would be more appropriate in this and how to use it?
Or in general any recommendation what kind of visualization is tend to be used for “item set finder” node?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @MariaL,

this depends a bit on what you want to achieve with the visualization (or in general). It would be great if you could elaborate a bit on that. :slight_smile:
You could of course visualize the support of each item set by using a Bar Chart for example. Another idea would be to visualize the distribution of item set sizes.

Thinking a bit further, you could also try to use the Association Rule Learner to get association rules with respect to the item sets and try to visualize it in a network.


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