Visualization of table with counts


I have a table that looks like this


I want to Group the data so for each different date there are the different states with sum of counts.
So like this

date1 | state1 | sumofstate1countsfordate1
date1 | state2 | sumofstate2countsfordate1
date2 | state1 | sumofstate1countsfordate2
date2 | state2 | sumofstate2countsfordate2

How do I fix this? Would this be done with group by node, and how?


Yes, use Group by, grouping by columns 1 and 2 and Sum on the fird one.


Yes this can be done with the GroupBy node!
You just set the date column and the state column as Group columns in the “Groups” tab of the node and in the “Manual Aggregation” tab you choose the column containing the count and select Sum as aggregation method to get the total sum of counts for each state on each date. Make sure your count column is processed as a numbers type (e.g. integer) beforehand.


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