VLOOKUP function on multiple columns

I want to understand what KNIME nodes can I use to perform VLOOKUP function on multiple columns.

  1. I have two data sets, the first table has a column with IDs, and the second data set has 5 columns with similar IDs.
  2. I need to look for the ID from first table in the second table across all 5 columns,
    a. If found, exclude those rows from the second table and display data for all other rows.
    b. If not found, simply display data for all other rows.
  3. Values from first table are no longer required.

Hi @dheerajKNIME

I’ve created a sample for you https://kni.me/w/wrZxYv-bDjy1Gnet using the some of Reference Row Splitter, and Rule-based Row Splitter

If this only uses 3 columns but hopefully you get the idea. You could also put this into a loop with Column List Loop Start if you are unsure how many incoming columns you might have.

Hope that helps.

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