VPN and Database Tools

I am trying to connect to an SQL database using the database connector tool and have done the following:

1. Correctly configured the JDBC drivers

2. Pointed to the correct URL

3. Input the correct credentials

I run the tool and get a permission denied error

I succesfully connect to this database on a daily basis using other tools so I know the configuration is correct. 

I'm wondering if the fact that I have to be connected to a VPN is playing a role in the error? Obviously, I'm connected to it but I'm wondering if I need to tweak a few settings to help Knime communicate with the VPN client?

Since VPNs are usually fully transparent to applications, there is nothing you need to configure in KNIME (proxies are different, though). If the database denies you access then your JDBC connection configuration is not correct. Where exactly does the "permission denied" error come from? You may have a look at the log file in order to track down the cause.