Wait in a loop

My first day on KNIME here and am very impressed with all the functionality KNIME can do!
Ive made a workflow as below, everything seems to be doing what its suppose to, but I just cant seem to get the whole workflow to loop infinitely.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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@jeremyjong welcome to the KNIME forum

Concerning Loops you might want to start educating yourself with some of these links (especially concerning the ones about loops):

For your tasks you might try to use a condition that would never be met in:

But you will have to be careful letting run a service/task indefinitely on a machine. You should plan ahead.

A somewhat more complicated example is here to do certain tasks if conditions are met within a loop.

For a lot of automation you might want to take a look at the KNIME server (KNIME Business Hub | KNIME), since it is built to handle such jobs.


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