Waiting for executor - while i shedule workflow - workflow not executing !! perioulsy it was working

Waiting for executor - while i shedule workflow - workflow not executing !! perioulsy it was working .

where to see running jobs or workflow ?
any video to learn how to shedule workflow and monitor ?

Restarting the Server process as well as the executors should fix this (just run the shutdown.sh and startup.sh in /apache-tomee-plus-7.0.5/bin/

As for videos on KNIME Server, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFV4P9-enZk

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still same error - still workflow not running

waiting for executer

You’ll need to take a look at the executor logs to see why they won’t start. You can download all log files via the WebPortal (Administration tab).

Or you can look in /srv/knime_server/runtime/runtime-501*/.metadata/knime/knime.log

Note that it’s recommended to use the system services to start/stop/restart KNIME Server. See the docs here: https://docs.knime.com/2018-12/aws_marketplace_server_guide/index.html#aws-routine-maintenance

I have reviwed all logs
i was able to run jobs till 17 june but from last two days its not running…

as i can see cmd -
sudo -u knime touch /srv/knime_server/rmirestart

i cant find rmirestart file or cmd…
even .log file is also not updating … so i cant understand error for not restarting…

error found on 17june in .log file -

knime.log (1.7 MB)
log (1).txt (628.9 KB)

please look into this…

we are in trouble help us

please let me know if anything required from my end

Can you check the /opt/knime/knime-3.7.2/configuration directory?

There are a lot of repeating errors indicating the executor can’t find the jar files it needs. In the log(1).txt file, there are at leat 105 FileNotFoundException exceptions, which could be permissions, or could mean somehow the executor got corrupted.

Can you log into the linux machine, and provide a screenshot of the “ls -ls” of the /opt/knime/knime-3.7.2/configuration directory?



It’s a permissions issue. You can see the some of the directories and files are now owned by root. By default, KNIME is owned by the knime user. By using the root user, and stopping, starting or changing anything has changed the file permissions of some of those files. Now, when the service tries to start the executor it no longer can access all the files it needs.

You can try changing the permissions back to the knime user. This may get you back to a working environment.

Using the root user is highly discouraged by KNIME and AWS. The ubuntu user has sudo access for any server maintenance or starting/stopping the knime service manually. The knime user should be used for modifying anything knime related on the server.

Here is a link to our guide on the aws instances we provide.

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Thank you so much … Executor started jobs are running… Really appreciated

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