Wanted: Use of Arrow Keys

Hey Christian,

I think I mentioned it before, but since I cannot remember your reaction, here's a suggestion for improvement:

The Image Viewer node is very helpful but in some way also very inconvenient, when jumping from row to row and from column to column. Think of a visual inspection of the result of multiple thresholds applied to multiple images. So, can you please implement the use of the arrow keys as an alternative to the four buttons at the bottom of the screen? I would realy appreciate this.


Hi Marc,

Good news this feature is already implemented: you can use the WASD keys to move through the table.

These shortcuts are shown in the Viewer help, which is opened by the questionmark button, like shown in the attached screenshot.



Hey Gabriel,

thank you for your answer, I successfully ignored this little help button. :-D

Apart from that, I found the arrow keys way more convenient than WASD, so is it possible to add them?


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