Warn DL4J Feedforward Learner - No input columns selected

I have problems using an existing workflow for image recognition. I used a DL4J Feedforward Learner (Classification) for learning pictures. The workflow was working perfectly. After the update to KNIME 4.3.0 I get the warning message that “No input columns selected” although I have connected a table containing picture information. Can anyone please provide me support how to handle this error?

Dear @freisingerg,

Sorry for asking the obvious: Have you opened the configuration dialog of the respective node yet in KNIME 4.3.0 to make sure that the Column Selection is correct? Sometimes it also helps to change the column selection and change it back to how you had it before.

And if that doesn’t work, it would be great if you could provide an example workflow so that we can reproduce the issue. Thank you!