WARN ExplorerURIDropUtil Object from URI 'https://hub.knime.com/knime/extensions/org.knime.features.js.quickforms/latest/org.knime.js.base.node.configuration.input.string.StringDialogNodeFactory' couldn't be pasted

Whenever I am trying to drag and drop string Configuration Node OR Table Row to Variable Node from Knime Hub .
I am unable to add it in the Workspace folder / Workspace…Although I have logged in into Knime Hub server

I am just getting the warning in the console

WARN ExplorerURIDropUtil Object from URI ‘https://hub.knime.com/knime/extensions/org.knime.features.js.quickforms/latest/org.knime.js.base.node.configuration.input.string.StringDialogNodeFactory’ couldn’t be pasted

Hi jitendrakate,

Welcome to the KNIME community!

Can you please confirm where are you trying to drag the string Configuration Node on your Workspace ? In order to use the node you can do either one of the following :

  • string Configuration Node is a part of KNIME Quick Forms extension. You can install it by going to File ->Install KNIME Extensions… on your KNIME AP and select the required extension to install. After installing the extension restart your KNIME AP, the node will be visible on Node Repository.

  • Create a new KNIME workflow, then drag the node into the workflow. If the extension is already installed you can use it directly or else you will be asked to install the extension.


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