Warn on an Email Java Snippet node

Hi everyone !

To automatically send a mail on my actual pipe i've made a usual javax.mail node. When i open my workflow and execute it, it works fine and send me the email but when i want to re-execute it, i get this exception :

WARN      JavaSnippetCellFactory     Evaluation of java snippet failed for row "Row0": javax.mail.NoSuchProviderException: smtp

The only way to make it work again is to relaunch the entire workflow.

Im assuming that no import, or added librairy is the problem due to the fact that my node works fine except the problem mention above. Im using javax.mail 1.5.

Any idea on how this problem works and how can i solve this ?

Thanks in advance, please tell me if you need to see the  source code.


Hi everyone,


Im launching a little update on this because i really dont have any idea on how to resolve this issue.


So you guys know, this is not related on classpath, or librairy building. As i've said the node work the first time i execute it. My "Nosuchrpoviderexception : smtp" come when i re-execute my pipe. On a usual java project this message does not pop up when i re-execute the code. So i suppose this is related on the way Knime is working. Maybe one of you have met this problem before or have any tips.. I would really appreciate.


Best regards,



Hi Rph,

I have not much idea, but I would look around the static initializers and put that code into the KNIME node if possible. It seems the static init was run first time, but not in subsequent loads, probably because it found that class on another class loader?

Hope you find a solution.

Cheers, gabor