Warning/Error "This is a temporary copy of".... Use SaveAs to store it to your local workspace or a server...


When i open a Workflow on the server node in KNIME Analytics Platform, I get the warning
“This is a temporary copy of”… Use SaveAs to store it to your local workspace or a server…

Saving the Workflow with another title, leads to the same results / messages.

Is it a permission issue?
How can I fix it ?

Hi Dieter,

I assume that you’re opening a workflow by just double-clicking it from the server repository? In this case, you will always only open a temp copy of it - it is currently not possible to open a workflow through a remote editor.

May I ask what you’re trying to achieve? Then I can give you some pointers on how to do it :slight_smile:


Hi, Roland
I got confused with the remote editing feature.
After updating to Server 4.8 and reviewing your webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFV4P9-enZk I was able to remotely modify a workflow/Job.
That was my goal.


Hi Dieter,

Great, I’m glad you got what you were looking for :slight_smile: