Warning in a node then stop it else continue to next node

I have a workflow that has several streams. One stream for each month. The workflow stops completely if one of the streams has a ‘warning’.

If there is a ‘warning’ in the node, I want the workflow to stop executing the next node in that stream.
If there is no warning then continue executing the next step .

How do i do this?

You will want the try catch nodes.

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@arabhinav Your description of the issue isn’t entirely clear. What you’ve described is the default behavior of Knime, i.e. if a node fails to execute, the downstream nodes won’t execute. Or, do you mean the “warning” is some particular value rather than an execution error? If you could share your workflow, it would be very helpful.

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Hello @rfeigel - Thanks for quick turnaround. Please see the screenshot. The third row has Essbase node which is highlighted in red. It is creating warning and then adds an empty row in the next node (Concatenate). When it fails, I don’t want it to go to Concatenate Node. Instead I want to end its further execution when it fails.

That warning is not technically failing to execute, so try catch won’t work. I think the easiest way is just to filter out empty rows from that stream prior to the concatenate node.

You could use the rule based row filter or splitter to dial in specific rules that won’t impact your flow when records are present.

I use this for convenience on occasion.


Thanks Mark, I will look into it. I have added more details and screenshot in below comment.

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@ICFO’s suggestion should work fine.

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Thank you iCFO and rfeigel! The issue got auto resolved once the Essbase ExoInsight Query was modified to refresh with new values. The issue with Concatenate was a warning and it worked with the warning of zero records once the new query was used.

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