Warnings while loading KNIME 3.3.2

I keep getting these warnings while loading KNIME 3.3.2.

Any idea how do i resolve this:

Warnings while parsing the key bindings from the 'org.eclipse.ui.commands' and 'org.eclipse.ui.bindings' extension point.

Cannot bind to an undefined command: plug-in='org.knime.workbench.editor', id='knime.commands.editor.gridSettings'

An exception stack trace is not available.

Thanks !



Mohammed Ayub

Hi Mohammed,

It seems that there could be a problem with some shortcuts. Does this cause any issues except for this warning message?



Sorry for the late reply. I thought it was solved after I restarted the system. I ran into this error again. Below are some more details:
2017-08-08 11:10:13,424 : DEBUG : main : KNIMEEditorPlugin : : : Workflow SVG export not available, unable to instantiate “org.knime.workbench.editor.svgexport.exportservice.WorkflowSVGExportImpl”

Because of this error, I was not able to do any interactions in the editor window, like drag and drop nodes etc.

Cheers !
Mohammed Ayub