Watching R console in real time


I know you can access the R Std Output and R Error Output, but the messages are not being printer in real time, only after script as a whole is evaluated. Is there any way to enable "on the fly" messaging? 

I have a rather long loop that I execute in R node, and would love to see progress with some check point printouts. 

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Hi Joseph,

I don't think that this is possible at the moment. You could store all the warnings/errors in a separate dataframe and print this to the KNIME console using a Java Snippet. However, this will not work in real time. The R Snippet works in batch mode, sending all the data to R and returning the full results once R is finished. I.e., no intermediate results are transmitted.

Would it be possible for you to to recreate the R loop in KNIME, so that each iteration can deliver a message rather than have the loop completely in R?



Hi @RolandBurger.

Maybe you can help me on that.
I have a similar situation, with a workflow that have a loop, and we want to access the information while the loop is still running.

You can access the discussion below. The problem is at the end, before the workflow’s link. Hope you can help us.


Hi @jodomofo,

don’t think this is related and topic is quite old so will close it.