Ways to detect all workflow has been finish or not


I have a Knime workflow like this

node1 --> node 2 ---------------->  workflow one

                      |--------------------->  workflow two

                      |---------------------> workflow three

                      |---------------------> workflow four


Base on the information of node 2,  one or multiple workflows are then kick started.

After these workflow finish, I would like to update the database to reflect processing finish.

The question is, how to get the signal that these workflows finish ? (Because sometimes only one workflow being triggered, sometimes maybe multiple or all workflows would be triggered, depends on node 2 condition. Thus, it is possible that only workflow one being triggered while other workflow won't kick started at all)

Attached is the screen dump for reference

I guess when talking about workflows, you are actually meaning the four different "branches" (I think this is the correct term) of your workflow.

Since I do not understand, what your workflow really does, I can only tell you to take a look into the different workflow control nodes. A combination of some of them should solve your problem. Maybe you can use a combination of three End If nodes, followed by a Database Writer node?