We are looking for a freelance to set up a workflow with time series

We are looking for a freelancer to set up a workflow with time series.
We have a website’s monthly view data (24 months) and would like to predict the next 3 or 6 months.


Is a joint system with R also a possibility? R has absolutely superior time series processes. Also are you looking at endogenous time series or are you willing/able to include exogenous features (can often improve the model performance).

GDO_Italy.xlsx (10.3 KB)

We are trying to predict visits to some online stores.
Attached you will find the example of the data: we have 24 months and we would like to predict 6.
You will see a peak of visits in March and April 2020 linked to the lockdown (non-seasonal phenomenon).
I would prefer KNIME or PYTHON, because we use them (we are looking for someone who sets the model for us to manage independently).
But if you think R works better let’s talk about it …