Web Log Reader can't process User Agent String


by using the web log reader I defined a custom string %{user_agent}i but it aborts processing at different positions:


Though, it's a nginx log with the followign format: 

$remote_addr - $remote_user [$time_local] | 
$request $status - $body_bytes_sent | 
$http_referer - $http_user_agent | 
rt=$request_time uct='$upstream_connect_time' uht='$upstream_header_time' urt='$upstream_response_time' $pipe | $http_x_forwarded_for $upstream_cache_status | 

The alternative to sequential process it with a string manipulation node with regexextract is very inconvenient. Hope anyone got an idea.

Many thanks


Hi Mike,

You say it aborts at different positions. So do you say it's not reproducible/deterministic? (Weird!)

Can you attach a snapshot of such log file (possibly anonymized)? Also the knime.log file after a failure might be interesting.

- Bernd