Web Scrapping - Need to download a table from a web site

I need to download the table from the below web site.
Trading session settlements | B3

Is there a way to download this through a KNIME node?

Hi @Jobimb

You can use the Webpage Retriever node for this. If you query https://www2.bmf.com.br/pages/portal/bmfbovespa/lumis/lum-ajustes-do-pregao-enUS.asp which contains the actual table, you can subsequently use a Xpath node to get all the values.

Thank you very much. I am facing difficulty to bring this table. Could you please attach the full workflow here including the xpath node?

Hey @Jobimb,
is this sufficient for you? Workflow



Thank you very much Alex. This is super helpful for me.

This is very helpful for me too. Thank you guys!

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Glad that “Team Members” and “Know-it-all” could already help you out. Just to complement and for future reference. You could also directly read it with python node. I quickly tested it, worked smoothly as well (just in case code would also be fine)

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