web search node and google api key question

In palladian web searh node there is no way to set up google search api key and cause of that the node does not give back more than 64 hits. I would need an update or a work around to provide possibility to set up google api key under preferences.




what's currently implemented is the "old" Google Web Search API [1], which has been deprecated by Google. The "Google Custom Search" [2] is a different API, which allows more hits, larger access plans and requires an API key. This API is currently not yet available within Palladian, but we will add it in the next release.

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[1] https://developers.google.com/web-search/

[2] https://developers.google.com/custom-search/v1/overview


That's exactly what I am talking about, the new google API. When do you expect the new version will come out?

Another related issue is about the bing search implementation which gives back parsing error of json data even though I set up bing API key. This is a similar deprecated API related error?



Hi ml9907,

I just finished the Google Custom Searcher, but it's currently not yet available in the Nodes distribution. We already updated the Bing searchers too, but we still have to integrate this in the KNIME Nodes. As we did some major refactoring to the Palladian core library which break some APIs, updating the Nodes will still take some time. I suspect that we have an update ready in ~ 3 weeks.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


PS: Concerning the Google Custom Searcher; I discovered, that it allows max. 100 search results/query, even with a paid plan.

Hi Philipp,

It could be a perfect Xmas present! :) Thanks in advance!

My understanding is that the free google custom searcher solution gives 100 transactions a day without hits limits for the user.


By the way, if it helps, I am ready to betatest the refactored nodes.

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Hey there, ml,

as promised, I took my eight hour trip on the train today for the outstanding update to the Nodes, just to have them ready before christmas :) The new version should be available by tomorrow from the Update Sites (stable + nightly). There are plenty of new searcher and ranking sources available now.

As I didn't have much time to test everything, any feedback, bug reports, etc. are warmly welcome.


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