Web Service Client extension breaks KNIME beyond usage

Installing KNIME Web Service Client extension breaks my KNIME beyond being usable. I run KNIME version 3.6.0. The extension version is 3.6.0.v201807090906. Uninstalling the extension fixes the problem.


Sorry for the trouble. Check Lost KNIME Explorer when upgrading to 3.6 for a solution.



No problem, I don’t actually need that node, but thought of sharing here for record keeping.

Maybe also worth noting that it’s not that extension that breaks the explorer. It probably resolved itself because you changed your extension list and by uninstalling a (random) feature it would clean the installation metadata (that magic ‘-clean’ flag) and that really fixes it.

… still haven’t gotten to bottom of it.

What I can say is that I have systematically went trough the process of isolating the offending extension. I have installed and uninstalled the extension several times just to confirm. Also, before having isolated the Web Service client extension, I have tried to randomly uninstall extensions without being able to fix the explorer. While I am not an expert in the inner workings of Eclipse and KNIME, my intuition tells me that it is probably the Web Service Client extension that is the culprit. It can also be the case the it breaks my installation in relation to some other plugins that I have installed, but at this point, the possibilities are infinite.

Thanks, that’s great feedback. Then maybe there is something special about the web service client extension. It certainly isn’t an ‘average’ extension as it has a bunch of dependencies. Dependencies add complexity to the whole platform and while this shouldn’t have any effects on the workbench (incl. Explorer) itself it’s certainly a candidate. Then again, I do have that extension installed and it’s all working as expected for me. Also uninstalling/installing the extension doesn’t change anything. So there is something more to it…