Web service data read error

Dear All,

I want to download data through webapi link.the data is json format.
I have adress and can see data when I check with webbrowser.

I use Knime to read json format through webapi link but I receive error message like “(Read timed out)”.

how do I solve this read timed out error?
plz can you help me?

Hello @hadi -

Sorry about the delayed response. Can you provide a little more information about the problem? Which node is throwing the error in this case? A minimal example workflow that reproduces the problem would be very helpful, if you have one.

dear Scott

I solved this problem.first I got webapi service link from data engineer.
Then I used Json reader node and following ones to make table.

thank you :slight_smile:


Good to hear! I’ve marked your post as the solution.

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