Web viewer default port


Everytime that you launch a new web viewer from the report designer it uses a different port. Is it possible to configure a default port?

Thank you.

Marco Snels

Hi Marco,

That's code in Eclipse BIRT. No idea (a 10min debugging session didn't reveal anything.)

- Bernd

Hi Bernd,

Hmm thats a pity. I hope somebody else has the answer :)



Maybe you find something in the birt forum.

I did a couple of tests.

On my Mac, indicating a Port in the KNIME Report Preview Server configuration, sets it to a fixed value.

Are you on a PC? Here the behavior may be different for some reasons. Did you try to uncomment the base_url property in the viewer.properties file within BIRT and see whether that can control the viewing URL?


# configurable variable for JSP base href. Please uncomment the below line.


The file is under /plugins/org.eclipse.birt.report.viewer_4.5.0.v201506092134/birt/WEB-INF in my version of KNIME.


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