WebDAV support in KNIME

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to write (and read) files created in a KNIME workflow to a WebDAV folder.
I was using the HTTP(S) Connector node to establish the authenticated connection - that seems to work fine. However, any file handling node that I was trying give me a warning message saying that “The file system ‘HTTP’ does not support listing files.”.
The HTTP(S) Connector description also says that.

So, my question is: does KNIME support WebDAV at all and if yes, how does it work? I couldn’t find any specific WebDAV nodes and I find it very hard to believe that KNIME is not supporting WebDAV.

Any advise?
Thanks in advance!


Accidentally deleted my last comment. WebDAV is not currently supported. I’ve opened a ticket for this


Thank you for the response and for creating a ticket to support WebDAV!

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