Webinar: Visual Workflows for Data Science Teaching - December 2

Join this webinar to learn how to adopt KNIME Analytics Platform in teaching. It is hosted by @stelfrich from KNIME.

Most higher education data analytics courses nowadays cover at least a bit of data science: data acquisition, data transformation, data cleaning, and standardization, data blending, data visualization; some machine learning, some statistics, or all of the above.

KNIME Analytics Platform is an excellent tool for such courses: It is free (and open-source) and its visual workflow approach is very easy to grasp and intuitive to apply. With its extensive collection of operations and machine learning algorithms, however, you will rarely lack functionality which is further made unlikely by integrations with popular data science tools like Python and R.

With the spread of KNIME Software in the industry, more and more companies are looking for graduates with KNIME experience for positions in data engineering, data analysis, business analytics, and data science. Therefore, proven expertise in KNIME Software (through certification) helps graduates on the job market.

In this webinar, we want to show you how we can support you in the adoption of KNIME Analytics Platform in the classroom.

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As promised during the webinar, please find the questions raised during the event with some slightly longer answers.


Is there an online version of the course that currently runs at the University of Konstanz (like on Coursera or MIT Sloan)?

No. It’s legally actually quite challenging to record lectures and put them online these days. But we will record those lectures in isolation afterwards and put them online. But that won’t happen before mid-2021, unfortunately.

Does the Guide to Intelligent Data Science teach you how to use KNIME for data science?

Yes, it does. Each chapter usually has four sections: what the methods aim to do, the theory behind it, variations, and finally a section explaining how to do this in KNIME.

Do I need to be registered in KNIME Academic Alliance to download the slides from the course around the Guide to Intelligent Data Science?

No, you can download them from https://datasciencesguide.org, but there are additional benefits that you get by joining KNIME Academic Alliance.

I am teaching at a business school and would be really interested in a guest lecture to arouse interest among the students. Is there a minimum threshold for the amount of students you require to give a guest lecture?

We have not yet collected enough data to come up with a statistically significant threshold :wink: Just reach out to Stefan, especially remotely we’ll try to help whenever we can.

I want to join KNIME Academic Alliance: How can I join it?

Please send an email to academia@knime.com and make sure to include your affiliation if it’s not immediately obvious from your email address.

I didn't understand if each student can get certified for free? By taking an exam?

We are happy to organize free certification examinations (see KNIME Certification Program) for your class. Before that, we will make sure that students/participants have a realistic chance to pass the examination together with you.

Are the education materials also available in German?

Our training materials are exclusively available in English. Some of our trusted partners translate material, but those are exceptions.


Do you use this for online courses? If you do, how do you teach that. meaning do you use Live Meetings and videos for teaching?

Giuseppe and Joe are both recording videos but also teaching live with KNIME Analytics Platform (depending on a theoretical or practical class).

I missed something...Did Stefan say that the book were available for my students as well?

We are happy to provide KNIME Press books for free to your students.

So, for deployment, the commercial version is required, right?

That is (mostly) correct. Deployment is actually quite a broad term so it’s hard to say. You can, for instance, also export models into PMML and use this in other tools. This could also be interpreted as some kind of “deployment”…

What is the cost of those certifications?

For you and your students, it is free. Otherwise, it is a 100EUR for each examination (see https://knime.com/certification-program for more details).

Apart from R, can you integrate Python as well?

KNIME Analytics Platform has a very powerful Python Integration.

How to develop your own KNIME node? Is there any free material for learning it?

You don’t necessarily have to develop an entirely new node: You can also use a Java Snippet code to run custom Java code in a workflow. Otherwise, you can find documentation around creating a new KNIME Extension.