Webportal Component Design


I am having two components. One component allows the user to see the table view, whereas the other component just tells the number of records.
I want to connect the components in a way that the user sees the number of records on screen 1 and then on doing next, gets to see the entire data as part of table view.
I want them on different screens. However since my component with the number of records is just one value , sort of a dead end, it is not getting connected to the other component which should show the data. How can i achieve this?
If i create two chains, one leading to the count and one leading to the table view, the webportal doesn’t work.

Hey @r_jain,

I would add a Text Output widget to the first component that should show the number of records. You just pass the value you want to see as a flow variable to the widget and display it. After that add a flow variable connection from the first component to the second one. With this you have a clear defined path for the two pages.
Hope this already helps. If not, it would maybe be easier if you could provide a simple example of your problem.



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