WebPortal: Node in wrapped Metanode executed twice


In the middle of my workflow I have a Database Writer Node inside a wrapped Metanode which writes two timestamps into my database to track the runtime of my workflow.

I can see from the data written to my table, that the node is executed when showing the page and one more time when I click on the next button. 

Is this regular behaviour of the WebPortal wrapped Metanodes?

I put the node now outside of the wrapped Metanode and it is only executes once like expected.

Yes, this is the expected behaviour of wrapped metanode in the WebPortal. The first execution is required for displaying the initial views and input elements, the second execution applies the user's input.

Okay, so it would be best to only have user input/javascript views inside the wrapped metanode cause of computation time.

Good to know, thank you!