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We installed lately a Knime-Server and configured it to use the Oracle Jdbc driver,
starting exploring the features knime offers.

The KNIME_project_01 Workflow (which queries the oracle Database) executes successfully in the lokal Knime Analytics Platform as well on the Knime Server.
The Table View Item displays the resulting rows, which should show up in the web portal.
But there is stated:
This workflow contains no elements that can be displayed on the WebPortal. It can only be executed in its present configuration.

Can you give hints, how such a Workflow should be developed / configured?

Greetings B.Kochs

KNIME_project_01.zip (15.8 KB)

Hi @b_kochs -

Welcome to the forum. In order for results to be displayed in the WebPortal, relevant view nodes must be wrapped inside a component. You can check out our documentation on components for more on how to create and configure them.

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