WebSearcher not working

WARN  WebSearcher          0:173:199  The searcher "Google" (ws.palladian.retrieval.search.web.GoogleSearcher) is deprecated and might be removed in future releases. The reason for this is ususally, that the search provider has ceased to support the API. Please consider using a different searcher, if you encounter any problems.


ERROR WebSearcher          0:173:199  Execute failed: Response from Google: "The Google Web Search API is no longer available. Please migrate to the Google Custom Search API (https://developers.google.com/custom-search/)" (403). Note: Google search API is deprecated. Number of requests per day is heavily limited. Consider using a different searcher.

As already stated by the warning messages, these APIs are entirely dead now.

Google’s API can only be used through the Google Custom Searcher now. The obsolete searchers will be removed from the nodes in a future release.