Webservice Client feeding into another Webservice Client ... The 1 cell to 1 column question ?

Dear All,
the "Generic Webservice Client" is a great tool, and is working very well, however I am looking forward your advice on the "best way" (avoiding copy/paste) to achieve the following.

I have a webservice that requires authentication, and returns a token then to be used in subsequent operations. For this step I have still no "input table", therefore I use the TableCreator with a faked node as "input" for the "GWC". It returns a table that contains the "token".

I have then a Table, with values that I want to submit to the GWC for getting some computing done. I've then connected the Table with another instance of the GWC, however since the GWC accepts only 1Table as input, I have to type the value of the "token" from the first GWC into the "sessionKey" of the second GWC.

This is not "elegant" and is prone to errors.

I was thinking therefore to "add a column" to all rows of the Table, containing the value of the token from the first GWC table; and then use this extended Table as input for the second GWC, then using the Field "token" as value for the sessionKey of the second GWC.

Unfortunately, I could not find an easy way to do this, and I am looking forward your advice/suggestion.

Thankyou and compliments for the Generic Webservice Client: it is really TOP !!

I've found a cute solution, and I attach it here as image.
In words:

A "Table Creator" is instantiated, with a single fake "blabla" cell.
That is the input to the "Generic Webservice Client"(1)  that when executed then adds a column "token".

A "Cell Replacer"(1) is instantiated, with the "input table" with the data to be sent to the webservice; and with the "Dictionary Table" coming from the "Generic Webservice Client"(1). The configuration of the "Cell Replacer"(1) is :
Input table - Target column <any column you want, I used "Document" since my table contains Documents)
Dictionary table - Input (lookup) "RowID"
Dictionary table - Output (replacement) "token"
Append/replace Result Column - Append new column "Replacement"
If no element matches, use: Missing
When executed, it adds a column "Replacement" containing only "?" (Missing).
This was the "trick": to make sure that there is a column with the same value for each row. Now is only matter to replace that value with the proper "token"... This is a 2 step procedure :

First step is to replace the missing value, with the same value of the fake cell "blabla".
To do this, I use the "Missing Value" cell, using the following configuration:
String Columns - Fix Value: blabla
Unknown Columns: Do Nothing.
When executed, the output column will contain "blabla". Be aware, if in your input table there are also other cells with Missing values, these will be "polluted" ...

Next step is to replace the "blabla" with the content of the "token" from the "Generic Webservice Client "(1).
To do this, I use "Cell Replacer", using the output table from step 1 (the table coming out from "Missing Value") as "Input table", and using the table from "Generic Webservice Client"(1) as "Dictionary Table". The configuration of "Cell Replacer" is then:
Input table - Target column: "Replacement"
Dictionary table - Input: column1
Dictionary table - Output: token
When executed, the output column "Replacement" will contain the "token", precisely as wished.

At this point, a new "Generic Webservice Client"(2) can be instantiated, connecting the output from "Cell Replacer"(2) as input...

The same procedure can be followed for any of other parameters needed by Generic Webservice Client(x) specific for the WSDL of choice.