Weird Behaviour of Javascript Line Plot-Node


that applies for the Javascript Line Plot Node and Javascript Scatter Plot Node.
But particular here, I got a weird behaviour (see below):

  1. Where are my data values?
  2. Using the snap function does not work smoothly, because it does not “snap”
  3. By passing a Date Object, I get (I think) a timestamp (see above).

I know that, I could use the Generic Javascript for now.

Maybe my settings are wrong. I turned everything on.

Thank you!


Hi John,

Thank you for your questions. Regarding 1. and 2: I forwarded the information to our developers that the snap function does not work and that it would be important to see the actual data points.
Regarding 3: The line plot works with Date & Time column types, what is the particular problem you are facing? I see a date (e.g. 2019-02-07) on the x-axis in your plot.

Thank you for your input,

Hi Jeany,

thanks for your reply.
No, the x-axis is fine, but if you want to “snap” the value you get in the tooltip a timestamp instead of the date value.

However, much appreciated that you forward that to the developers.


I can reproduce 2 and 3 using the example and adding rowID as a column and transforming it to date&time just before the line plot. Indeed, the crosshair does not snap even though the config is set) and the value displayed for the x position is a large float number (the unix-style timestamp?).

UPDATE: Indeed, 1970-01-01T00:00 datetime on x axis leads to 0 shown for the x position of the crosshair and the units are ms.

Thanks for you answer.

If you thinking of “re-doing” the JS-nodes, please add a CSS function for coloring the Bars, lines or pies :slight_smile:
And an export of SVG with all the hover function would be also much appreciated :wink:

Thank you!

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