Weird behaviour of newest versions of KNIME


As this bug (bugs) are quite difficult to repeat, I would like to notify KNIME team about several problems related to new implementation of "node" settings memory, that recently have been noticed by me during my work.

1) Node (groupby for example but also others like filtering nodes) remembers the columns from previous nodes even when they have been discarded (they are still on the list).

2) Copying node seems to work on previous dataset from previous node even when being connected to completely different dataset (node) - I had this error couple of times

3) General problems with past settings for copied nodes.


Nodes taken from the list behave in the correct way, what makes me thing that maybe this new feutures related to node memory are a little bit broken.

My version of KNIME - 2.8 - btw anyone  else had this problems?


The copy and paste issue(s) were fixed for 2.8.1 I believe? Have you tried updating to the latest version?

Yes, 2.8.1 fixes the copy/paste issue. I think no (1) is a feature. You will notice that the columns have a red warning border so you see what the configuration was initially about. You will also find that feature in the pivot and the joiner node.

Not sure what you mean by (3).

By 3 I mean that nodes remember past settings if copied (even when proper file is listed in KNIME XLS READER for example, it is still showing file being previously chosen with this node before copying it). I will update knime to newest version perhaps it will help.