Weird error to Convert string to Data&Time node (Local Date IR-fa)

I have two date-time columns, one in Gregorian, and the other in Jalali (Persian), when I use the string to date and time node, everything looks fine but some specific dates in fa-ir calendar it’s changing.
every date from any year in these dates (-02-28)-(-02-29)-(-02-30)-(-02-31) going to be (****-02-28).
And I noticed this error from the Gregorian date column that has a different date.
DateAndTime_Form.xlsx (831.2 KB)
String_Form.xlsx (806.4 KB)

Hi @Sajjadmosaheb

Maybe this component Persian (Jalali) and Gregorian Date Converter – KNIME Community Hub by @armingrudd can help you out.

gr. Hans


Thanks for the reply @HansS ,
No, I’m aware of this component but no it doesn’t, I don’t want to convert the date, I want to change the type of column only.
And I want to be sure about the function of the knime nodes. this is certainly a bug and needs to be fixed.


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@Sajjadmosaheb would it be possible to create a workflow with the examples and explain in detail what it is you want to do or where you think the bug is. I tried to look into the data and was not immediately able to understand the problem.

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Hi @mlauber71 ,
yes of course, here is the workflow and some explanation, please ask me any questions if it’s not clear yet.:pray:

As you can see the appended column is wrong and different from the original date.
And this bug just occurred on these dates and works correctly for the rest of the year days.

forum-example-DateAndTime.knwf (1.7 MB)

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Hi @Sajjadmosaheb ,
I could reproduce this on my system and it seems Persian calendar dates are not getting converted correctly. I have created a ticket for this (AP-20480).
@HansS has suggested the Persian (Jalali) and Gregorian Date Converter component as a workaround which helps you to convert Persian dates to Gregorian dates and vice versa.
Also, if you need to do operations directly on Persian dates and for some reasons you don’t want to convert them to Gregorian dates first, you can do or ask for workarounds. I’m pretty sure there is a huge community here willing to help you with that.


Hi @armingrudd ,
Thank you for your reply, I’m glad you returned to the forum, it’s been a while.
I created this topic to inform the knime team that this function is not working correctly and thanks to you for creating the ticket. On the other hand, as you and @HansS said I can do it by converting the Gregorian date converter.
About the community Yes it definitely is and I am very appreciative.


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