weird KNIME error

Hello everyone :smiley:

These are last couple of nodes I use in my workflow.

The problem I have is this:
locally it works like a charm, but after deployment on the KNIME server I am getting error: Python Script (1⇒1) 0:267:214:205 Execute failed: output_table is not defined.

  • in my Metanode “update” I am using python script for uploading data to the API
  • on KNIME server Component “last output” is presented to the user and only AFTER that data is shown to the user I am getting my python script error

I am little bit lost and stuck here because WebPortal does not give me any useful information (beside the error I already copy-pasted on the beggining of my question) and locally my workflow works without any errors.

Thanks for any tips and tricks in advance.

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Hello denajaha,

Thank you for reaching out for assistance with this question!

First, please verify that Python is installed on the server. Then, verify that the same version of Python is installed on the server as what you are using locally, as well. Lastly, verify that any required additional libraries or modules containing the output_table function are also installed on the server.

Once these are verified and/or corrected, please try the workflow once more and let us know the result.

Thank you,

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Hello denajaha,

We haven’t heard back from you since your last post. If you still require assistance with this issue, please update this thread with your results and we will be happy to continue to assist you.

Thank you,

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problem is solved, I had couple of nodes in my workflow which were not connected, they were just there doing nothing and I did not know that I have to delete them before deployment to the KNIME server in order to get my workflow running. But I still do not uderstand why I was getting Python script error when mistake was in Nodes which were not connected…
sorry for the superlate reply from my side and thank You very much for your support!


Hello denajaha,

Thank you for your follow-up - I’m glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue and get the workflow running properly.

According to internal information, “orphaned nodes are always a problem regardless of what they do. The server loads the workflow and will try and validate that the nodes are installed and in some case validate their settings.”

This may have been what you encountered - an attempt to access data that was not available, so Python wound up declaring “this table I’m being told to read is not defined”, meaning it can’t be found there.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know!



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