Weird small issue with icon categories

I have encountered small issue related to icon categories - during testing in dev version icon is being shown normally, but after exporting it to normal version of KNIME (dropings folder) icon is being changed to some default knime category icon. Though icon related to node is unchanged.

I have noticed that other nodes are using external folder (icons folder) - so is there any way I could be using icon that is inside my jar file in dropings folder instead of creating separated one (folder with icons)?

Are you sure your category icons are included in the plug-in jar? You can check in the "Build"-Tab of the MANIFEST.MF.

Problem solved  - thanks - this was the reason. Thought that they are being included by default.



I have a similar problem.
I created a icons folder and put the category icons in there.
This folder I checked in the node build for binaries and sources.
In the feature build there is no such option.
In the update site, I just select build all and again no option for packaging.

After Build All for update site, there is no packaged folder with the icons.
So the icons don't exist if the client updates and then the nodes are placed in an unkown category.
If the icon folder is placed manually into the plugins folder in the expected location, the problem is solved.

Any ideas?


Solved ....

Interestingly, making new feature project and new update sites didn't solve the problem until I stopped using my nodes as a template but used the runtime configuration.

Anyway, icons were bundled and nodes showed up in their desired location.