Weka Node - Change jar


I have just installed the weka node and I was wondering if is it possible to modify this node and use my own weka customize jar and my own weka packages.


using your own custom weka classifier within KNIME (as it’s own KNIME node) is possible in general, however, not super-easy. It would require you to develop your own KNIME extension (i.e. an eclipse plugin) that adds a new KNIME node wrapping your custom jar. For more details how to get started with developing a KNIME extension please refer to https://www.knime.com/knime-for-developers.
For the KNIME-weka extensions (for Weka 3.6 and 3.7) there are even extensions points that makes it a bit easier (i.e. an eclipse plugin is still required but with less boilerplate code) - however, I just noticed that it doesn’t work for Weka 3.7 properly (I filed an issue).

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Thanks for the reply,

Where I could find these “extensions points” so I do not have to start from the bottom. I only need to change the Weka that knime is using…