Weka nodes

Hi all!

I'm playing with Weka nodes for data mining and I couldn't understand why is not possible to see the summary of results.

Above you check a print from Knime and a print from Weka.

I really appreciate your help here.



the result of a (optional) cross-validation is shown in the 'Evaluation'-tab of the 'Weka Predictor'-node view. However, if there is no nominal class attribute the 'Weka Predictor'-node doesn't perform a cross-validation (as in your case with the Linear Regression).

If your are interessted in cross-validation results for the Weka 'Linear Regression' node you could make of the 'Cross Validation'-metanode (node repository). There you just have to replace the according classifier and predictor and configure the X-Partitionier and X-Aggregator, respectively.

I hope that helps a bit.



Hi Martin!

Thank you for your answer.

I'm quite new with Knime and I'm trying to understand if is possible to use it as our main tool but I'm not so sure yet.

I did'nt find a bunch of nodes for econometrics and time series analysis yet.

I was happy to discover Weka nodes but the results are not complete as I saw in Weka software. I think that will only work doing what you are telling me and this means a bigger workflow.

Do you have a simple example of a workflow where I can see the summary of results for regression.

Tks for your support.



I really need a hand here!

I couldn't see the summary of results using Weka nodes for regression yet.

I appreciate any other help.