Weka predictor crashes with NayvBayse Multinomial node

I am using the weka predictor node with different classifier.
It works well with all of them except the NayvBayse Multinomial node: I got the following error:
ERROR Weka Predictor (3.7) 2:541
ERROR Weka Predictor (3.7) 2:541 Execute failed: java.lang.NullPointerException

Is there a reason for this error and how can I get rid of it to get the predicted values?

I was not able to reproduce this issue. Can you share your workflow with us? And can you additionaly provide the respective log?

I think I found the reason of the bug: it is because of the presence of missing values.
Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for following up on this! Indeed, the Weka Naive Bayes Multinomial classifier can not handle missing data. We will make sure to provide a more descriptive error message for this case.