Weka Self-Organized Map stucks in 50%

Hello all,

I wanted to ask for help to you, I'm trying to clusterize my data with SOM. I'm using a simple workflow (image attached to the post) where I load 10000 rows from CSV, then I normalize data, filter columns that can't be used in SOM and then I apply the Weka SOM node. I don't know why it always get stucked in 50% of the execution and don't do anything else, I have waited for hours but I can't see any progress.

I also tried different settings, I set Epoch to 1 so I can see if it was a processing time matter, but it always get in the 50%.

Does anyone knows anything about this or can help me? It would be very appreciated.

Thanks you so much in advance. Best regards.


Have you tried using a smaller sample of your data? How many feature columns are in the data?